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can we plz stop posting about gerard's birthday
god damn is life good

i got a job (I'm 19 but who the hell cares) i'm almost done recording the first song i wrote for my album so yeah at this point life is fucking amazing


not much to say extept i can make home made moka (just put chocolate mlik in the coffee)

singing help

have any singers out there notice that if you dont really sing for a little bit (say like a week) your range is almost cut in half and or have a hard time projecting? is that normal?


ok im trying to read all m blogs but when i try to go to the next page it days this. This view is looking for a flag by the name "shows", but there is no such flag. Perhaps it was deleted. Please update the relationship "Flags: shows by current user" in this view to use an existing flag

why am i seeing this?

morning coffee thoughts 5

first of i would like to say happy passover to all the people that are jewish

so today i guess i'm going to talk about u.s politics (but i really i think it's going to be my views and other peoples political views) well i guess i should say that i'm not that political i have my opinion on politics but as i said before im not that political. so moving to what im going to be talking about.
I believe that people are for the most part indepen but they have similar morals(not sure if that is the right word to use but whatever)that drive who they vote for.


does anyone know what the bookmark page is for?

fuck off today

im not in the mood


they add a next thing at of the community page! I LIKE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

has anyone seen this movie

it's call "the 5000 fingers of dr t"