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morning coffee thoughts 309

Morning everyone

Well I remembered this morning that I'm not working again until Saturday witch is good cause I can catch up on my sleep a little bit. Anyways I really have been in a good mood all summer, yeah there have been days where I've been bummed because I couldn't blog that day and it ended up feeling a little off but really that's just minor stuff.

morning coffee thoughts 308

Morning everyone

Well it looks like I've been a little too busy to be on the internet and blog and whatnot but I'm still trying to blog as much as I can. Anyways I'm enjoying being 21 and everything that comes with it, Yeah I'm not going out to the a club every night but I'm being responsible with what I can do. In other news I'm feeling like I've toned down what I share on my blog and my twitter it's most likely because I've been so busy to get on the internet.

A cup of Sunday 30

Morning everyone

Well I had a simple day yesterday I was mostly lazy in the morning then I went to the mall and out drinking with friends it was fun. Anyway I'm finding that I'm taking life easy and I know that's a good thing Also I'm doing a lot more things for myself. In album news there's really nothing new going on but I'm existed to go back into the writing presses and I know I want it to feel more like we're jamming. In other news I'm still enjoying how busy I am but at times I still feel like I need a week of just to enjoy life a little bit more.

Brunch thought 112

Hey guys

So what I'm going to talk about in this blog links up with the last thing in said in Morning coffee thought. Lately I've been taking mornings a little easy and letting the chips fall where they fall meaning I may not blog or my blogs are posted a little later then normal but I think it's taking the extra day or two off from blogging(or the internet for that matter) is important so that I can do fun stuff (like what I did this Tuesday /Wednesday) and Just enjoy life. I know that you guys enjoy me sharing my life and what I'm with it but it's to take break.

morning coffee thoughts 307

Morning everyone

Well my sleeping pattern is back to normal I guess it was because I was staying up late and getting up early. I can do that it just becomes habit to stay up late after two nights. and before I had a job I would stay up until 1 in the morning maybe 3 at the latest and I still have nights where I can't sleep. Anyways I really enjoy traveling and staying in hotels. It just can get in the way of blogging especially the last trip I took I could have brought my laptop but know what we ended up doing that morning I wouldn't have felt like blogging when I got back to the hotel.

morning coffee thoughts 306

Morning everyone

As you guys know I've been off the internet for the past few days and haven't blogged of tweeted but now I'm back on the internet. Anyways I've really cut back on by blogging and it's because I'm busy and living life but I'm still blogging as much as I can. In album news the song I've been working on is all done and we're starting on the next one. Lastly the past few nights I've stayed up to late and had to get up early but last night I fix my sleeping pattern. That's all I have on my mind

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day

morning coffee thoughts 305

Morning everyone

I was in a crappy mood Saturday night and kinda Sunday morning but I guess Sunday I didn't feel like blogging before I went to work. Anyways I've been finding to really easy not to blog lately and I'm not sure if its because I'm growing out of it or If I'm just trying to live life. In album news I'm going to back in studio this week and I'm ready to get this song mixed and start on the next one. Lastly I'm enjoying my job, yeah some day are harder then others but all and all I enjoy my work. That's all I have on my mind.

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day.

Brunch thoughts 111

Hey guys

I keep going back and forth In my head about adding an afternoon blog but Like I said many times before by the time I get back on the computer I'm either to lazy to blog or I don't really have anything to blog about, I guess it's cause I tweet what's on my mind and what I'm doing. Anyways I'm happy that my album is almost done, yeah I still have some writing to do but the album I've been working on for like 2 years is almost done.

morning coffee thoughts 304

Morning everyone

I'm in a fairly good mood this morning and I was in a good moody yesterday morning I just didn't blog because windows had installed updates and would take a little bit longer to boot up and I did want to risk being late for work.

Brunch thoughts 110

Hey guys

I'm in a better mood today and I didn't blog yesterday not because I was in a bad mood but because I had stuff to do. I also didn't have coffee yesterday which didn't really help my mood but I did perk up around lunch time. Anyways if I had an Iphone I would tweet a lot more when I'm out and about (right now all I have is an Ipod touch) and I would also share more pictures with you guys.