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singing help

Any tips on doing backing vocals with yourself?


thats just it

album updateush thing

So i have many people on here that want to hear my music but sadly i only i 2 songs and only one of them is recorded. So i guess when i have a YouTube made and the album is done i will post it. So hang in there people.

morning coffee 14

well i've kinda been in a weird mood most of the week but i am happy that my album is moving along at what i guess is a good rate


is it bad that i feel like i'm not aloud to change my mind?


I rewrote an already good original song and made it even better. Also not worrying about sing with the right technique it making my singing better.Life is sparklejoy!!!!!!!!!!!!

morning coffee thought 13

Well from think about what i posted the last few time i seem to be vary doubtful about my life(so far) this week. Not much more i can say

album cover

this is the album cover for the album i did last year for a school project

singing help

i know you should mostly drink water when you're singing but should it be cold or room temperature?

morning coffee thoughts 12

I realize that most of these blogs are mostly my thought around the time I eat breakfast but anyways on to the real reason I'm righting this blog. I feel like I did something wrong by not doing something right after high school. For the most part I sat around my house for three months feeling sorry for myself and i know that i'm still way too hard on myself about things. I just feel like i fucked up my life cause I did move quick enough and now it will never be the way I want it.