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morning coffee thoughts 20

sparklejoy morning everyone

I will start with the fact the i have a 90's cartoon theme song stuck in my head (no it is not duck tails). I guess why I bring that is because as I remember and watched a lot of the 90's shows I never really cared for most of them. that's because my older brother picked what we watched so I guess that's one little weird thing about me.and speaking of 90's show does anyone on here watch the nostalgia critic?

have a sparklejoy day everyone

morning coffee thoughts 19

I have grate news. I'm done recording my fist song

morning coffee thoughts 18

I had a bad day yesterday. but I'm in a better mood today

piano help

what are the in the melody to Hallelujah? (i'm playing in the key of C)

morning coffee thoughts 17

I think this is my mood

piano help

what are the chords in the into to cancer?

question for atheist's

I'm going to start of by telling you my believe i believe in heaven and hell angles spirits and demons but not god or the devil.

So the question for the atheists is do you have a spiritual beliefs(like mine) or no beliefs at all?

morning coffee thoughts 16

Sparklejoy morning everyone

I'm sorry for not doing these every morning but I've been really busy with life. With that said I feel like I'm to busy to think of stuff to post on here(or on facebook). My life is really good right now I'm working on an album and I have a job. So I don't really have any complaints other then maybe working one more day a week but other then that life is really good

Have a sparklejoy day everyone!

I really don't have a lot to say lately

you ok those t shirts that say best mom hands down that come paint. well i want to find one that says best mom paws down with paint so that you can put paw prints on it cuz we have a dog and my mom love him and he loves him like wise

Also there should be an app for the iPhone/iPod touch for this part of this site