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ok then

nothing really to talk about today. it's just kind of a dull day

guitar help

what is the cord progression that the rhythm guitar plays during the solo of demolition lovers?

morning coffee thoughts 23

Well I'm actually drink coffee while i'm righting this. I feel like life is slowing down and nothing is going to change but I really don't know. Have a sparklejoy day everyone!

album review info

so as you guys know I'm going to be posting album reviews on here. I'm going to do them on the first Sunday of every month (I know I said once a week but when i started thinking about it it would be to hard to get them out on time). Now I bet you guys are wondering how it will work. first I will tell you a bit about the album like the year it came out how many songs are on the album and if its a double album etc. Then I will go though each song one by one and tell you my opinion on them Then I will tell you my opinion on the album as a whole like how it flows together and stuff like that.

morning coffee thoughts 22

As I sit here I think to myself. Are there people on here that read my blog regally. So if you are one of those people please comment and tell me why you read it. also i am going to do the album review once a week most likely on Sunday

hem hem

If anyone remembers way back when I was going to do album reviews but I never did. So I guess I'm asking if I do them this time would you guys want me to? (for the record i never really got around to doing it in the first place cause i keep putting off the first one and I just gave up the idea.)

morning coffee thought 21

good things are happening in my life right now but I feel like I'm in between a good mood and a bad one.I feel like I did something wrong or I'm just in another rut(I can't place my finger on it). I guess it a small down in my life. So is the umbrella academy meant to be funny or serious?


I'm just going to shut the hell up cuz no one wants to hear me



what happened to caring?