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morning coffee thought 21

good things are happening in my life right now but I feel like I'm in between a good mood and a bad one.I feel like I did something wrong or I'm just in another rut(I can't place my finger on it). I guess it a small down in my life. So is the umbrella academy meant to be funny or serious?


I'm just going to shut the hell up cuz no one wants to hear me



what happened to caring?

morning coffee thoughts 20

sparklejoy morning everyone

I will start with the fact the i have a 90's cartoon theme song stuck in my head (no it is not duck tails). I guess why I bring that is because as I remember and watched a lot of the 90's shows I never really cared for most of them. that's because my older brother picked what we watched so I guess that's one little weird thing about me.and speaking of 90's show does anyone on here watch the nostalgia critic?

have a sparklejoy day everyone

morning coffee thoughts 19

I have grate news. I'm done recording my fist song

morning coffee thoughts 18

I had a bad day yesterday. but I'm in a better mood today

piano help

what are the in the melody to Hallelujah? (i'm playing in the key of C)

morning coffee thoughts 17

I think this is my mood

piano help

what are the chords in the into to cancer?