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album help

so as you guys know I'm recording an album and I know at some point you have to stop recording I know most band get to a point where is feels done and they can stop. So how do you know when you get to the point when the album is finished?

morning coffee thoughts 27

Not really much to say but the 2nd song that I record is coming together quicker then the first song. I think it's because I'm a little more use to the process.

Anyone out there in a band have any tips for holding audition looking for band members?

Have a sparklejoy day everyone


the title says it all I'm back.I have so much to say.

morning coffee thoughts 26

Well I had an awesome weekend. I spent a good part of it with my step family. Other then that nothing really much more to say


I'm feeling a ghost/spirit right now. Normally it feels like a blanket over my solders but this time it feels like someone is pressing down on them (kinda hard). So from my think it must be a a darker/unknown(to me)

morning coffee thoughts 25

Not much to say say other then that I'm ready to get back into the studio and get started on the next song for my album Have a sparklejoy day everyone

morning coffee thoughts 24

Well it's been about a year seance I graduated high school and really the summer/fall/a bit of winter was damn near the braking point of my depression. In October i was really close to killing myself but i never did it. December was another hard time but i puled though it. Now I'm better but i hate the fact that i was that way a year ago. Sorry for being kinda a downer this morning. how you guys have a sparklejoy day

ok then

nothing really to talk about today. it's just kind of a dull day

guitar help

what is the cord progression that the rhythm guitar plays during the solo of demolition lovers?

morning coffee thoughts 23

Well I'm actually drink coffee while i'm righting this. I feel like life is slowing down and nothing is going to change but I really don't know. Have a sparklejoy day everyone!