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GO ME!!!!

I got an idea of the rhythm guitar and a rough one for the lyrics of my 3ed song

halt labelled unforcibleness outasight

Question do you have a snack drawer in your house ?

morning coffee thoughts 34

Morning everyone

Well my 2nd song is done and I'm going to start working on the 3nd one. In other news I'm in a relatively good mood today.Going to start my morning on this cloudy New England day!!(after 2 more cups of coffee lol)

Have a sparklejoy day everyone!!!!

JEEZ-O-PETE YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My 2nd song for my album is done!!! I did the vocals in in like 40 mins (I had to punch in 2 times). Now we(me and my guitar teacher) are moving to start working on the next song.

Yes I am vary sparklejoy right now.

morning coffee thoughts 33

sparklejoy morning everyone

sorry i didn't get the album review out yesterday. Anyways I can get over how i felt about year ago. I was depressed and i guess why was cause I wasn't doing anything and i really can accept that

sorry for kinda a bummer blog but have a sparklejoy day everyone

can someone in a band plz message me

i have a question

fuck off if you care
reposting this

Hey are there any musicians in bands that have recorded any type of album of so message me I have questions

thank you


Forever said and done
We see the broken eyes
Forever said and done
Still the days never end
Forever said and done
time to go back home
forever said and done
hate is believing
forever said and done
give me back my pane
forever said and done
STOP THE NOISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

forever said and done
forever said and done
forever said and done
forever is a goodnight song

A goodnight song