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morning coffee thoughts 37
anyone want to critique some of my poeitry?

if so message me and i will send you some

morning coffee thoughts 36

morning everyone

last night I read one of poetry journal and realized how fucked up and depressed I was in high school

bread lovely bread

Is it weird that I grab some bead and just eat it?

also should brain and stewie from family guy have there own show?

morning coffee thoughts 35

last night I had a lovely dream about my dog getting hit by a car and hurting his leg
(and what the fuck is up with the spam with the pretty pictures)

Have a lovely day everyone!

GO ME!!!!

I got an idea of the rhythm guitar and a rough one for the lyrics of my 3ed song

halt labelled unforcibleness outasight

Question do you have a snack drawer in your house ?

morning coffee thoughts 34

Morning everyone

Well my 2nd song is done and I'm going to start working on the 3nd one. In other news I'm in a relatively good mood today.Going to start my morning on this cloudy New England day!!(after 2 more cups of coffee lol)

Have a sparklejoy day everyone!!!!

JEEZ-O-PETE YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My 2nd song for my album is done!!! I did the vocals in in like 40 mins (I had to punch in 2 times). Now we(me and my guitar teacher) are moving to start working on the next song.

Yes I am vary sparklejoy right now.