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morning coffee thoughts 43

Morning everyone

I'm having a lovely homemade iced coffee this morning cause its going to be 91° today. Anyways I think it's cause I live in a nice ghetto(I know it doesn't make sense but if you saw the neighborhood that i live in it would) that i feel like I have a fuck up life misfit life.

Stay cool drink watter and have a sparlejoy day!

A goodnight song 5

and to you

THE KIPPER JAI ****so far*****

1) The Kipper Jai (half 1) *not recorded/written*
2) *Blank*
3) *Blank*
4) crowds
6) Intermission for deja uv *not recorded*
7) 5 minutes to red dragon *not recorded*
9) heart & heard
12) The kipper Jai (half 2) *not recorded/written*

**note I only have 4 song written and only 2 are recorded**

thinking about something need opinion

I'm thinking of posting the track list of my album(so far) even though I only have 2 recorded and another 2 on deck . Would you guys like to see it?

Intermission (until deja uvs forced embrace)

That is the name of an instrumental song I wrote on piano

morning coffee thoughts 42

I got nothing

A goodnight song 4

After thoughts of tomorrows dreams

album update

Hey guys!

My album is coming along quickly and is sounding amazing(only have two songs recorded). I'm going to have 12 songs on the album on one of them is going to be a 20ish mins long and split in to 2 parts. For my 3rd song I'm using a click track(didn't use one for the first 2 songs) and I'm going to come up with the lyrics when I'm done recording the music. I'm also going to record 18 song even though the album is going to have 12 songs on it. That's the latest on my album

Have a lovely day!

morning coffee thoughts 41

morning everyone! A few things to say this morning.

I'm glad I have a step mom that care and will help me with what ever I need. I just have to ask. I'm just scared to ask for help sometimes.

and I have a question. Do they have flavorless toothpaste?

Have a sparklejoy day!

A goodnight song 3