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Brunch thoughts 117

Hey guys

The more stuff you have going on in your life the more you enjoy the times you don't have to do shit and I enjoy the time that I'm off the internet and not really doing much. Anyways it's kind of hard to explain why I haven't been blogging as much lately and the best answer I can come out with is that I have a busy day when I can't then I get lazy the next day. Lastly I'm still trying to figure out how to pick a penpal. That's all I have on my mind.

Thanks for reading and take it easy.

morning coffee thoughts 313

Morning everyone

Well it's one off those mornings where I kinda move slowly and I know it's because I had a few beers last night and it's not because I'm hung over it's just one of those mornings where you walk up slowly. I also notice when I drink I stay up until 10:30 or 11 at night. Anyways I'm still looking for penpal and I kind of have to put some thought to the type of person I would like to talk to.

Brunch thoughts 116

Hey guys

Well it's been 12 year scene 9-11 and I remember some things about it but some things like I don't remember my dad coming home from work and some other stuff I just don't remember cause I was young. Anyways before I took a short break for blogging I was looking for a penpal and as of today I got 8 responses now I just have to pick one or two of them. Lastly I really am enjoying life the best I can. That's all I have on my mind.

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day
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morning coffee thoughts 312

Morning everyone

Well the past month or so I've been kinda lazy about blogging everyday and it is mostly because it became habit. Anyways it seems like I should share my thoughts and opinions more then what's going on in my daily life but it's kinda hard to have an opinion first thing in the morning but I will try harder to put them in my blog. In album news we figured out the track order and whatnot now we just have to start on the new song and then start writing again.

Brunch thoughts 115

Hey guys

So as you guys know by know I'm looking for a penpal and I'm glad that I got the response I did to my post last night and If I get more I will have to chose one or two. Anyways I really am enjoying how my life is going and I kinda would like to be a little busser but I'm happy with how busy I am. Lastly one of the problems I have with blogging everyday is that I somewhat run out of things to say and I think a lot of people that blog everyday have this problem. That's all I have on my mind

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day

Morning coffee thoughts 311

Morning everyone

Well school has started again which means some off you won't be able to read my blogs before you have to start your day and I work so I know what it's like to miss stuff during the day and also not being able to check something before I leave. Anyways I'm pretty sure that I've found my new hobby and it's being pen pals with someone and I posted a blog about last night and I got comments on but I meant by email or on the messaging on here. In album news I'm going to being the studio today and we have a lot of work today changing the strings on my strat.

New hobby.......... Penpail?

Hey guys

I've been thinking about what my new hobby could be and maybe I don't need a new hobby to fill the void but it could just be as simple as having/being a penpail to someone. So if anyone is interested just comment or send me a message

Thank you

Brunch thoughts 114

Hey guys

I'm glad that when I don't blog for a few day you guys don't send me a bunch of messages and tweets saying why aren't you blogging but I would enjoy some messages for time to time. Anyways I'm thinking that I need to find a new hobble cause I'm feeling like something is missing from my life and it may help fill the void. In other news I think I may never add new pages to my wordpress site cause I'm to busy and lazy to do so but if it happens I'll let you guys know.

morning coffee thoughts 310

Morning everyone

As you can tell I haven't blogged in a few days I didn't blog Thursday and I guess it became habit for a few days and I'm never going to stop blogging I may miss day but I'll never stop blogging. Anyways I'm feeling like I need a week long break from the same old same old it's that I don't like the same old same old it's that I want time do some new stuff but I have a job and other commitments some I can't just drop out of life for a week. In album news I'm going to be in the studio and I'm ready to start this new song and get started on writing new songs.

Brunch thoughts 113

Hey guys

Well summer is just about over cause labor day is like 5 days away and I guess I'll do a big blog about my summer the day after labor day. Anyways I really have been working my butt off this summer cause I started working every other weekend and three days in a row but I'm glad that I did it. In other news I really am doing alright for my self yeah I still live with my parents but I pay rent to them and pay for my studio time and the other bills I have.