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everyone know that I'm recording an album. but I'm I recording a normal album or a demo?

I like this hip hop/pop

the kind that has feelings.

morning coffee thoughts 46

Morning everyone!

It's a lovely morning here in ye olde new England. I've been in a good mood this weekend I spent some time with my step family as well. Other then that nothing to say other then it's cooler around here.

Have a lovely day!

A goodnight song 8

Does anyone know where I can find a package of sheet music? Also where can I find professional cd cases?

morning coffee thoughts 45
I can't sleep

something doesn't feel right

A goodnight song 7
The Kipper Jai Track list ***UPDATED****

1) The Kipper Jai (Half 1 Song for the pipper) *not recorded*
2) *Blank*
3) *Blank*
4) crowds
6) Intermission for deja uv *not recorded*
7) 5 minutes to red dragon *not recorded*
9) heart & heard
12) The kipper Jai (Half 2 Madness ends all) *not recorded/written*

morning coffee thoughts 44

well it's wounderful day for pie!

Today kids we're going to my album updates I'm mostly going to do them on tuesday cause it's the day when i'm out of studio (I'm only in the studio once a week cause it works best foe my guitar teacher). it's kinda neat how mellow beults is. it makes it perfict to lission to in the morning(not that I'm lissioning to it right now). I guess some of are woundering what the fuck sparklejoy means. well it means good or lovely.

Have a nice day everyone!