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morning coffee thoughts 47

Morning everyone !

Most times when I sit down to right theses blog I have no idea what to wright about. Anyway I realize that I should treat music and finding a "real" job as my job and that I will always have bad days I just need to make every day the best that it can be. It's Monday which means I'm in studio today and my plan is to get all my guitar parts done(the rhythm guitar and the lead melody for the verses). Wish me luck.

Have a sparklejoy day everyone

A song goodnight 9

everyone know that I'm recording an album. but I'm I recording a normal album or a demo?

I like this hip hop/pop

the kind that has feelings.

morning coffee thoughts 46

Morning everyone!

It's a lovely morning here in ye olde new England. I've been in a good mood this weekend I spent some time with my step family as well. Other then that nothing to say other then it's cooler around here.

Have a lovely day!

A goodnight song 8

Does anyone know where I can find a package of sheet music? Also where can I find professional cd cases?

morning coffee thoughts 45
I can't sleep

something doesn't feel right

A goodnight song 7