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which show is better family guy of phineas and ferb?

The Kipper Jai Track list ***UPDATED****

1) The Kipper Jai (Half 1 Song for the pipper) *not recorded*
2) *Blank*
3) Mr. Jai *not recorded*
4) *Blank*
5) Crowds
6) Intermission for deja uv *not recorded*
7) 5 minutes to red dragon *not recorded*
9) Heart & heard
12) The kipper Jai (Half 2 Madness) *not recorded/written*

songwriting tips

So the song I'm working on recording at the moment. I'm coming up with the lyrics last last cause I normally do the vocals last. Any tip on coming up with lyrics kinda on the fly?

morning coffee thoughts 49

morning everyone!

LET US REJOICE IN THE FACT THAT OUR BLOGS ARE BACK!!!!!! Other then that I have a new profile pic.

Have a lovely day

new profile picture
Album update

I have the drums and rhythm guitar recorded for my 3rd song (5 minutes to red dragon). Next week I'm going to do my melody parts. That's the latest on my album.

Hope you're having a lovely day!

morning coffee thoughts 48

nothing much made cinnamon rolls and my dog is being lazy cause it look like it's going to rain

A goodnight song 10
Any guitar players play a song at 226 bpm?

cause I just did.


Is it bad that you don't know the meaning of a song you've written?