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morning coffee thoughts 62

morning everyone!

Well I'm back home having a cup of coffee really not much going on there. My stoudeo time is moving to wendsday cause thats what fits in to my scegua right now. Today seems just as layed back as saterday. I guess it will pick up tomorrow. The last thing I have to say is. Does anyone know what timezone this website is on?. Anyways.

Have an art filled day!

well well

I find it weird that I can here a southern accent but not a midwestern or west coast one unless the person is acting or have a thick one.

morning coffee thoughts 61

morning everyone!

I'm glad that I'm heading home today. I wish I bloged a bit more then I did but whatever.

Have an art filled day!

pinwheel 44

Not much to say today

My day

I went up north into the mountains today. It was fun.

dog owners you know it's ture
morning coffee thoughts 60

morning everyone!

Nothing much to talk about other then the fact that I'm kinda thinking of changing our band name before the album comes out. shooting was fun yesterday. I have no clue what today will bring

Have an art filed day

album update

MY 3rd song is almost done. I just need to do the guitar solos write the lyrics and do the vocals. My studio time is moving to wednesday.

morning coffee thoughts 59

Morning everyone

I'm going to go shoot a gun for the first time today!

Have an art filled day!