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morning coffee thoughts 66

Morning everyone!

Well I slept in today. I guess my album is really an LP demo type thing cause I'm building a portfolio type think for my band. that's about all I got.

have an Art filled day!

album update

My 3rd song is just about done I just need to write the lyrics and record the vocals. I'm not sure witch song to record next. That the latest on my album.

I'm not in a good mood today

I'm starting to learn what my singing style is

morning coffee thoughts 65

Morning everyone!

So sometimes I come up with something to blog about but I never actaly do it so with that said. Anyone know what timezone this website is in?

Have an art filled day!

Help pick my bands name 2

Me and my band mate got it down to 2. So tell me which one you like best

For the academy
Sir by Sir

morning coffee thought 64

Morning everyone!

Thanks to you guys me and my band mate narrowed it down to 2 name but we can't make up our minds on witch one. so I'm letting you guys pick it. I'll post them in an hour or so.

have an art filled day!

Help pick my bands name

Here is a list of band names you can chose from(Just comment and tell me witch one you like best)

For the academy
Academy 44
Kipper 44
Pinwheel 44
The pinwheel march
The Ryan Benjamin project
Academy & co.
The company project
Force 44
The 44
Sir Sir
Sir by Sir

good news

I'm 90% sure my whole album is written