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here's the deal

I'm not going to post anymore album updates until I'm recording the album. Once I'm done I will post the last rough draft of the track list Thanks for all you support. You'll see the track list in sixish months

morning coffee thought 71

Morning everyone!

I kinda have a lot I want to blog about this fine New England morning. First off I haven't really been sleeping well It's more that I can fall asleep. Anyways as I was making my iced coffee I thought that bendy straws make any drink more fancy and yes I do have one in my iced coffee.

Have an art filled day!

Okay then

I have the rest of the recording of my album planned

End of story

I'm back

I had a rough weekend. I was depressed and didn't want to do anything but I'm fine now.

morning coffee thougt 70

Morning everyone!

I don't really have anything to say this morning

Have an art filled day.

(Eleanor) Of the crosslines

Start a war inside your mind
Looking for more like the old days
Rip out the page no words to say

Every day now
I still find out
How bad I looked
where can i run

Eleanor was in your mind
How much more can we take of this
out the door I take it all away

(c x2)


Want me to post song lyrics to a song I wrote?

morning coffee thoughts 69

Morning everyone!

So I was on facebook looking at a fiends pictures I was going to comment on one then then next picture was what I was going to comment. It kinda freaked me out.

Have a lovely day.