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morning coffee thoughts 267

Morning everyone

I'm in a good mood today. I feel like my album will be the start of something great but it may take awhile until really kicks off. I'm also feeling like this album is going to be deeper then the next one and that the next album will be like an EP. Anyways I kinda feel like I messed up taking two years off of life after high school. Although I was looking for a job I really wasn't doing that much but now I have a job and my life is better.

Brunch thoughts 90

Hey guys

Life can get in the way of What I mean is we can get so busy with life that we don't realize what we're doing with life or that life is going well. we just go though life doing what we do focusing on the bad things and ignoring the good things coming out of life. I know that I have a really good life and a lot to be thankful for. Anyways I'm going to have a busy week next week and I know that's a good thing. it's just that I like to have somewhat lazy days.

morning coffee thoughts 266

Morning everyone

Most of the stuff I planed on my album are planed 20 steps ahead of where I am In the recording process but it's good to plan stuff out to some extent. Also I'm really glad how quickly we can get a normalish length songs done and yes it dose depend on how many interments we want on it. Anyways I really haven't talk to my brother sense he went of to collage and I think it's because we don't have that much in common anymore and we also have grown apart. Lastly I really would prefer not to work full time but if I have to I would like my schedule to feel like a part time one.

morning coffee thoughts 265

Morning everyone

Well yesterday was somewhat busy it was most doing boring stuff but still it was busy. I've found that I tweet more in the morning and early after then I do in the evening or at night. Anyways I'm really glad that my album is coming together as quickly as it is. Not that it matters how long it takes to comes out but it good that I'm making progress. Lastly I'm just about as busy as a was a few weeks ago and hopefully I will stay as busy for a long time. That's all I have on my mind.

that's for reading and have a lovely day

Brunch thoughts 89

Hey guys

As I think about the concept of my album I find it to lose concept but it's still there enough. and on that note on my next album I'm not going to plan it out like I did this one I'm mostly going to wing it. Anyways I have a lot of people in my life that care about me and are will to give me support when I need it. I just have a habit of pushing them away from time to time but I'm better about not doing that now.

Morning coffee thoughts 264

Morning everyone

Well I'm in a good mood this morning. I'm kinda feeling like I'm planning to for ahead on my album and yes I know it's good to have a plan but sometimes I feel like I'm planning something I don't really need to. Speaking of my album I'm hoping that figuring at lest some of track order now will help me and my mentor to see where this album is going and give us ideas of what types of songs we need next.

morning coffee thoughts 263

Morning everyone

Well the past few weekends have been kinda lazy for me, not that it's bad but sometimes I feel like I wasted a day. Anyways in a mouth or so I'm going to take a brake to figure out track order so far and what I need to rerecord. I kinda have the track order planed out but I need to see if it works together. In other news I really haven't hung out with my step family the past few weeks I guess I just wanted to be lazy. Lastly I realized that I released crowds a year to the day after it was recorded. That's all I have on my mind.

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day

A cup of Sunday 22

Morning everyone

I've been in a okay mood this weekend. it want the happiest mood nor was it the saddest mood it was just kind of a meh mood. Anyways I'm thinking that I should take six month off when this album is dome before moving on to the next but I don't want to lose the creativity I have right now. So with that said I feel like I should ask my musical mentor what he thinks about it. In other news I really should put a link to my bands YouTube page in my about so that more people can find my music.

Brunch thoughts 88

Hey guys

I'm not really sure what me and my guitar/musical mentor are going to do once we're done with my album, He this we should just start recording the next one, once we're done with this once but I'm thinking of working on other guitar stuff like building a pedal board, figuring out how to use my smallish amps live and of course getting a band together for six months then going back into recording mode . Lastly I enjoy my job as much as anyone can and yeah I do have fun at work but I really just do it do pay the few bills I have. That's all I have to say

That's for reading and enjoy

morning coffee thoughts 262

Morning everyone

I'm in a okay mood this morning. I've found that my parents can really annoy me early in the morning and I like peace and quite in the morning. Anyways I'm really liking the production quality of my album, yeah it my not sound as pretty and clean as ones recorded in a professional studio but for what we have to work will it sounds really good. Lastly I'm going to have the best day I can.

Thanks for reading and have a lovely morning
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