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Brunch thoughts 96

Hey guys

As some of you can peace together I am a little of a tree hugger(I get that from my step family) but the rest of me is a city dweller(that come for both my family and my step family). I bring this up because I do try to shut off lights when I leave a room and stuff that I'm not using and all the other green stuff. Just being a rock musician you kinda need to use a lot of power. Anyways I really don't do that much after my blogs are posted, I try to do stuff but it's can be hard to find stuff to do. That's also why I don't tweet that much in the afternoon.

morning coffee thoughts 278

Morning everyone

Well I had a fairly busy day yesterday I had a 9 am meeting and then I just hung around the town I was in.. I went to a really cool music shop and saw a really awesome bass the only problem was it was a little pricey for me so I didn't get it. Anyways I'm feeling like I should be another blog in the afternoon but by the time I get back on the computer I really don't have anything to blog about. In album news at this point in recording my mentor needs to help espier some ideas in me by coming up with riffs and what not.

Morning coffee thoughts 277

Morning everyone

Well I had a good weekend I didn't really do much but I had a good one. Anyways I really am going to be busy next month, busy with work. my album and doing stuff with my step family but luckily I won't be to busy to blog normally. In other news I'm kinda confused by my work schedule meaning that I think I misread it but luckily I'm working today so I can clear it up. In album news I'm hoping that I can keep to the deadline I gave myself because it was a promise it a friend but I also know shit doesn't always go to plan. I'm also dedicating my album because for that friend.

A cup of sunday 24

Morning everyone

Well I had a simple day yesterday, I didn't have a plan for the day and sometimes that's a good thing. Anyways I'm finding that I can take mornings a little slower and take my time writing my blog and looking at my Facebook or whatever but me being me I do like them to be posted around the same time. In other news I updated the twitter feed thing on my wordpress and I really do think it works better then other one I had cause it's made but twitter.

Brunch thoughts 95

Hey guys

Now that that I think about it my album is more about moving on then about it is about childhood and it's about moving on from childhood, loosing a loved one graduating from school Moving to a new town hell it could even be about getting over depression(which never truly goes a way) but the them is there and it's that when you move on from whatever yeah it's going to suck for a bit but it will be okay. Lastly I'm hoping to have a my album at lest ready for release a year from today. it may be released a week or so later but it will be ready. That's a I have on my mind.

Thanks for

morning coffee thoughts 276

Morning everyone

I kinda feel like I'm giving music my all but never getting anywhere and that's because I really have put much of it out there and a lot of it isn't ready to be put out. Anyways I don't know why but I feel like I should dedicate my album to someone even though no one I'm closes with or know has died wail I am recording this album(knock on wood) but it's just something I should do.

Brunch thoughts 94

Hey guys

I feel like I should post an updated track list soon so that you guy can see the progress I'm making on my album. Anyways I really think that I'm busy enough in my life but sometimes I feel like I need to add a new activity to the shit I already do. Lastly I'm finding that I'm really happy with my life. That's all I have on my mind

Thanks for reading and have a lovely little day

morning coffee thoughts 275

Morning everyone

I'm glad that I have had a day where I just want to stay in bed and not deal with the day I'm also glad that I can find something to do most day, although it may not add up to much. Anyways My work schedule is confusing and I think I miss read it before. I should be happy that I am on the schedule to begin with. In album news I'm glad that my album is coming together and I wouldn't have even started recording it if it wasn't for my musical mentor.

morning coffee thoughts 274

Morning everyone

I really need to catch up on my sleep cause coffee isn't lasting the whole day I guess it's just something that happens when you get older. Anyways I really would love to produce a bands first album cause I think I'll be good at it. I think I'll be the type of producer that will most just sit there and share the occasional idea of something to try on a song. In other news I want to make pages on my wordpress that have my music and song lyrics on them but I'm finding I'm to lazy to do it.

Brunch thoughts 93

Hey guys

As I've been recording my album I've found that I'm a producer then a musician and I know that I'm a decent rhythm guitarist and bassist but I really do have an ear for producing. Anyways I really do try to do something with my day after I post my morning blogs and most of the time I just sit around my house but I do try. Lastly I really hope that I can get together with my friends and jam. That's all I have on my mind.

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day.