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my dreams for life

1 get my band singed and make an album

2 open for mcr on a tour

3 cover Pink Floyd's The Wall with mcr and tour with mcr and Roger Waters


i feel like im always in the way


Anyone ever have one of thouse night where your freaked out and can't sleep?

i have a lot of isuse don't i????

ok you know how green day has the lost album.... what if that album was 21st century breakdown and reprise didnt like it (at lest not at the time) so they said ok we'll wright a new album

what to you think about this?

Anyone remembers Thomas


Banging your heart against some mad bugger's wall

i know i shouldnt but I'm building a wall with my parents

guitar songwriting help

ok so her is what i have ( im going to to tabs)


first form is an am plucking is ADGD

2nd form plucking is the same

i need the nest form if you whould be shind to do so

in tabs plz and thx


not to upset anyone but i don't believe in god. i do believe in heaven, hell and spirits

what are you thoughts on the subject?


i think its going to be one of those days