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witch show

King of the hill or Family

and what can i say

winnie the pooh


just forget this

more song lyrics (tell me what you think)

You can take me as I am.
You can let me run away.
But you'll never take it back

I can make you feel the same.
I can see your lost.
But I don't care now!

Did they make your eyeballs bleed?
You where only just a pawn.
but she'll never take it back

I can make it all the shame.
I can feel you lost.
But I don't care now!

you can take me as I am.
I was only just a pawn.
but I don't care now?

song lyrics (i kinda think rhymed a bit too much)

let me know what you think =)

I want to see all the this that I lost.
You know that I will never come around again.
Can't you see that I'm better then moving on.

I'll hate to all the darkness I've found.
We'll Wait and see if a new king is crowned.
If I'm to believe in tradition

(Bridge thingy)
If you want to know what it's like to be me (x3)



oh nostalgia

just looked thou all the vhs tapes in my house


is it bad that i drink like 2-4 glasses a day?


would you rather go to a classical music concert of a rock concert?????

this line seems right at this poind in my life

When we were young we used to say that "you only hear the music when your heart begins to break"