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pc backround help

anyone know any good ways to search for dark artwork for my barkround for my pc (im kinda thinking of something to do with dragons unicorns etc.)

its one of thous days

and i dont know how i feel

(Repost) song lyrics ( tell me what you think)

You can take me as I am.
You can let me run away.
But you'll never take it back

I can make you feel the same.
I can see your lost.
But I don't care now!

Did they make your eyeballs bleed?
You where only just a pawn.
but she'll never take it back

I can make it all the shame.
I can feel you lost.
But I don't care now!

you can take me as I am.
I was only just a pawn.
but I don't care now?

(repost) song lyrics let me know what you think =)

I want to see all the this that I lost.
You know that I will never come around again.
Can't you see that I'm better then moving on.

I'll hate to all the darkness I've found.
We'll Wait and see if a new king is crowned.
If I'm to believe in tradition

(Bridge thingy)
If you want to know what it's like to be me (x3)



is it better of a band to be a just cover band or about the wrights there own songs?

I dont know

do i tell my parents about how i feel about myself? the time kinda feels right

am i crazy

who on here thins im crazy?

i guess i'll be okay
witch show

King of the hill or Family

and what can i say

winnie the pooh