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is it better of a band to be a just cover band or about the wrights there own songs?

I dont know

do i tell my parents about how i feel about myself? the time kinda feels right

am i crazy

who on here thins im crazy?

i guess i'll be okay
witch show

King of the hill or Family

and what can i say

winnie the pooh


just forget this

more song lyrics (tell me what you think)

You can take me as I am.
You can let me run away.
But you'll never take it back

I can make you feel the same.
I can see your lost.
But I don't care now!

Did they make your eyeballs bleed?
You where only just a pawn.
but she'll never take it back

I can make it all the shame.
I can feel you lost.
But I don't care now!

you can take me as I am.
I was only just a pawn.
but I don't care now?

song lyrics (i kinda think rhymed a bit too much)

let me know what you think =)

I want to see all the this that I lost.
You know that I will never come around again.
Can't you see that I'm better then moving on.

I'll hate to all the darkness I've found.
We'll Wait and see if a new king is crowned.
If I'm to believe in tradition

(Bridge thingy)
If you want to know what it's like to be me (x3)