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Song lyrics(tell me waht you think)

you went though all your fuses. They worn out all you welcomes, when they ran out of you! Now you start falling out, back and froth to hell. I will not take you without one last night.

Theres lipstick on your gravestone with honesty and truth. I'm trying to remember what we're thinking for! Act like you mean this . like another way. Theres lipstick on your gravestone

Well the mindless acts of who we clae to be are nothing but pointed knifes. Is all we are is just fucking fine? Now in the broken mirror outlouad, thnk you, I well not take you there with out one last night.



anyone on here play webkinz??????????? i know i know im a weirdo


are you afraid that you will raise your kids like you parents????

(im not saying that anyone has bad parents im just asking a question)

SING WITH ME !!!!!!!!!! (prt 2)

Money, get away.

SING WITH ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well they encourage your complete cooperation

the black parade ??????


I can feel one of my turns coming on.

that what it seem

didnt realy get any sleep last night


fine world you win i'll leave everyone alone!!!!!!!
is it better to stand alone or together?