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fefedarkboy13's blog

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is it better to stand alone or together?

any one know any good hard rock for guitar that are a easy medium


an i crazy for thinking that every thing can change inmy life in 3 seconds ???? =/

A bit more about me i guess

1st off i'm out of high school

2nd I have friends/ neighbors that i consider step family and it's like wise with them

and last but not lest i have an older brother ( in normal family)

Song lyrics ( tell me what you think)

I hope you know.
I want to go.
I want to say.
I can not pray.

Now I fall.
Now I leave
Now I fall
Now I leave
Now I fall
Now I leave

You hope I know
It's all a lie
I need to cry
I must not care


goodbye (x3)

I hope you know.
I want to go.
I want to say.
I can not pray

knock knock joke

knock knock

who's there


owl who?

owls who yes they do

asleep or dead


what happened

what happened to my childhood cuz sometimes i feel like i havent had one ......but sometimes i feel like im living right now.

bands that i like /influence my music

1 Mcr
2 Pink Floyd
3 Nirvana
4 Green Day
5 lynyrd skynyrd

and there are many others

pc backround help

anyone know any good ways to search for dark artwork for my barkround for my pc (im kinda thinking of something to do with dragons unicorns etc.)