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Smithy (act 1 chapter 1)

Act I The runaway CHAPTER I
A kid named Douglas

Douglas is a 17 year old kid who has somewhat curly blond hair and wears black and, whose friends call Smithy. He and his friend live in a VERY VERY small town where nothing ever seems to happen called Northville which everyone in their school calls Nothingville. One lovely September day Smithy and his friends named Fredrik (aka Biz) and Persil (aka Tily). Biz was a 17 year old kid who has curly hair and is short.

my story

ok so i will post my sotory in a little bit but i want you to know that it is 3 acts

good news (for you) =)

Im going to start shareing my storry with you guys tomorrow =)

when do i say goodbye



i dont know if i want to fallow my deam anymore


maybe i should share a story i wrote a while back......... what do you guys think?

and the see saw starts again

=/ i dont know how to make it stop

music help

what time is Helena in????????

were has the time gone