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Smithy (act 2 chapter 2)

Can't stop now

Smithy knew that Daby was high and he also knew the she was using pot. From the moment he found out he wanted to dump her but at the same time he wanted to help her get clean. The next day Smithy walked to school with Ash the bassist in his band named Falkonscull, there music was like Green day, My Chemical Romance and Nirvana with a little Pink Floyd and Lynyrd Skynyrd in the mix for fun. Biz was the drummer in the band.
At the start of the day Ash was called to the office (He was always being called to the office for something). She got a detention.

Smithy (act 2 chapter 1)

Act II The bad things

After the sun comes out

One lovely November day Smithy Tilly and Biz were once again sitting in the rejects cave (which is now Smithy's apartment). “October want by fast didn't it” said Smithy. “Yeah it did” said Tilly and Biz. “I'm glad that Khip got kicked out of school” said Biz. “Yeah me too” said Smithy. Tilly who was sitting in the corner texting her friend she has dyed her hair greenish indigo. And Smithy has dyed his black. “I need to get a job” said Biz. “Yeah you do ‘cause you owe me money” said Tilly. “Ha ha that’s true” said Smithy.

Smithy (Act 1 Chapter 4)

Coming home

Smithy, Tily and Biz went to Smithy’s house to get his stuff When they got there Khip and the reject hunters where waiting for them “where’s our money” said Khip. “We don’t have it yet” said Smithy “Just leave us alone ok” he said. “Fine you have ‘till Friday to give us the money” said Khip. And with that they left. “Great, now we have three days to get the money” said Biz. “Oh, look who’s talking” said Tilly. “It’s not my fault” said Biz.

heres what i larned

do only what you parents want you to and nothing else cuz nothing you do meters

Smithy (act1 chapter3)

runing away

At the rejects cave Smithy was lonely. He couldn't call Biz or Tily. He had to spend the night there. The next day at school he told Biz and Tily what he did. "Oh my god" said Tily. "Well you can stay with me" she said. The whole day nothing happened. At the end Smithy and Tily went to the rejects cave so Smithy could get his things. Then they went to Tily's house. When they got there Tily told him that her Mom wouldn't care if he was there for a week. Smithy unpacked some of his things and tolled Tily why he ran away.
Later that evening Tily’s Mom came home.

Smithy (act 1 chapter 2)

Life is getting herder

The next day at school Smith, Tily and biz where all sitting in the gym when the freak hunters came up to them. “Leave us alone” said Smithy. “Make us” said Khip. "Ok I will” said Smithy as he stood up and punched Khip. “Oh my god!” said Tily “Um let’s get out of here” said Biz. As the bell rang for class the whole school was talking about Smithy punching Khip that day. Smithy thought that everything was going to be fine.

At the end of the day Smithy walked home down his path when he got home his mom and dad where standing in front of the house “What


its geting harder ti hide that everything is not ok with me

Smithy (act 1 chapter 1)

Act I The runaway CHAPTER I
A kid named Douglas

Douglas is a 17 year old kid who has somewhat curly blond hair and wears black and, whose friends call Smithy. He and his friend live in a VERY VERY small town where nothing ever seems to happen called Northville which everyone in their school calls Nothingville. One lovely September day Smithy and his friends named Fredrik (aka Biz) and Persil (aka Tily). Biz was a 17 year old kid who has curly hair and is short.

my story

ok so i will post my sotory in a little bit but i want you to know that it is 3 acts

good news (for you) =)

Im going to start shareing my storry with you guys tomorrow =)