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any body want to be loocked in room with a bunch of metronomes for 10 hours?


think about it

whats going on in the uk?????

who here likes to travel?

Smithy (END)


Till the end of the end

That night he didn't dare call his Mom (or anyone on the mater) and he sat there in his house siting all alone hole time thinking about killing himself and how that would make every think better. Just then Tilly came on and said "are you ok". "Yeah i guess so" said Smithy. "you seemed a little off today what's going on with you" Said tilly. "Well i just found out that my Dad. died and my mom my lousing the house" said Smithy. "Oh my I never knew" said Tilly. "yeah he died last night and i just found out the is morning" said Smithy.

the beat goes on da da dum da dum da da
Smithy (Act 3 Chapter 2)


why now?

As Smithy sat there in the wind open foaled with tilly look at the stars he sees that life is perfect and how daby was never his girlfriend then with a bang it was gone. Smithy say the Daby was still passed out on his bed as he sat in conner he looked at the clock and saw that it was 10 p.m. he also checked he cell phone me text or new messages after a minute or two Daby woke up. "where am I" she said. "at my house" said Smithy. "Oh well what time is it" she asked "10" said Smithy "Oh crap" she said as she ran out the door.

After Daby lifted Smithy turned on the



Smithy (Act 3 (last act) Chapter 1)

Falling down


life sucks so deal with it

By now it was January and Smithy was still unemployed from when he lost his job in November. He still had his band falkonscull but he didn't have all that money and so he ate at Biz and Tilly's as much as he could. his band played more gigs then they ever did before because they put out there first album but the money wasn't enough to pay Smithy's bills. Daby tried to give Smithy money but he didn't take it she also told him the he could stay at her house anytime.

His mom call him every night from the day he lost his job they

Smithy (act 2 Chapter 4)

The bird cages

The cop arrested Smithy ,Tilly and Ash for disorderly conduct. They spent the night in jail. "Nice going Ash... now we're in jail" said Tilly. "Um it's not my fault"said Ash. Yeah it is your fault" said Smithy. The next day Daby picked up Smithy at the jail. In the car Daby said "Why in the world would you beat up my older step brother". "I never did,it was Ash and I never knew he was your step brother" said Smithy "well I'm going to drive you home then we will talk about this" said Daby At Smithy appment Daby, was still mad and yelling at Smithy.