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Brunch thoughts 101

Hey guys

Well my parents are staying in Boston for like 24 hours or so there going to a concert and they said we might as well get a hotel room. So I have the house to myself for that time. Anyways I would blog in the afternoon if I didn't talk about most of the stuff I wanted to talk about in that morning and by the time I do get back on the computer to check my blog I kinda get lazy so that why I don't do it that often.

Morning coffee thoughts 286

Morning everyone

Well my sleeping pattern is a little messed up and I guess it's because I stayed up late Sunday night hanging out with friends and I woke up late Monday I had time to get ready for work just not to blog. Anyways I feel like I found my place in the world it's being a musician and blogger with a par time day job it's nothing that existing but it's what I do. In album news I'm still trying to figure out what else to work on other the finding the track order for the songs we have now.

A cup of Sunday 26

Morning everyone

I'm in one of those moods where I don't really care what I do that day and to be honest I just want to be lazy someday. I guess it's just the mood summer puts you in. Anyways I'm going to be really busy this week cause on top of work my normal hours I'm working the weekend and also doing the stuff I do on my days off So I do not know if there will be a cup if Sunday next week.

Random blog Facebook vs. Twitter

Hey guys

As you know I have both a Facebook(for my family and real life friends) and a twitter(for everyone but mostly you guys). I'm going to give you my thoughts on both of them. First off I do post more on twitter then I do on facebook all thought I do post on there from time to time and speaking of posting on facebook I do like the fact that they resently add the opinion to say how your feeling. I as like the fact the you can im on facebook.

Brunch thoughts 100

Hey guys

I don't know why but I worry about what type of parent I'm going to be to my kid(s) and I know it's something that I shouldn't be worrying about cause I'm not in a relationship that's near the level but I still do. I guess it's because I don't know how I'll be as a parent. Anyways I really do need to start playing with my drummer friend but we're both kinda busy at lest at this point in time, Maybe when fall rolls around we'll have some more free time to play together. Lastly my dog is feeling better. We just have to take it easy with his food and water today.

morning coffee thoughts 285

Morning everyone

Well last night was fun I saw my musical mentor a gig before fireworks it was a really good show. Anyways I have a really busy week coming up cause I'm not only working my normal hours but I'm working the weekend, as well as being in the studio and all the other stuff I do. In other news I'm still thinking of adding music and lyrics pages to my wordpress but I've been busy and kinda lazy. So it may not happen at all.

Brunch thoughts 99

Hey guys

I really don't have a lot to talk about today I guess it's because I have really been doing muse in the past few days Anyways I may start working weekends at some point . That's really all the news I have.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the 4th of July.

morning coffee thoughts 284

Morning everyone

Well my dog is for lack of a better term sick as a dog he has like a stomach flu thing going on. right now he is resting witch is good. Anyways it's the 4th of July and last night I could have gone to some local fireworks but I decided not to cause I guess I wanted to stay home. In other news I'm still thinking about posting a blog in the afternoon but like I've said before not a lot goes on after I post my morning blogs. In album news I still think it's a good idea for me to talk a brake before going into the next album so that they don't too slimmer.

Brunch thoughts 98

Hey guys

I'm really not to picky with my coffee it just has to have cream in and I do microwave it for 35 seconds to keep it warm wail I write my blog which takes me a good 15-30 to do depending on how my morning is going and what not. Anyways sometimes I feel like I'm looking for a new direction in my life when I don't need to and I guess it's because I'm somewhat of a perfectionist and I'm always trying to make stuff better and give myself a better life.

Morning coffee thoughts 283

Morning everyone

I kinda do get lazy after I post my morning blogs and I do try to do stuff but it's so hard to find stuff to do when your stuck at home all day and can't drive (yes I'm 21 and can't drive) most times I try to work on music. Anyways I really am working really hard at everything I'm doing in my life but at time it feels like everything isn't working out like it should and I know sometimes thinks work out and sometimes they don't.