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whats wrong with me

and well

Im gunna sing The Doom Song now!
Doom doom doom doom doom,
doom doom do DOOM,
DOOOM doom do-doom,
DOOM do-doom doom doooom,
doom doom dooom, do-do-DOOOM!
Doom doom doo doom doom,
doom do do DOOM,
Do do DOOM,
Doom doom doom


It seems like i cant make sound when my parents are home

now some questions

1 how do i record a video with a web cam without softwhere?

2 why do we eat noisey food at the movies?

guitar help

ok i just learn give me novecaine by green day on guitar and im playing it with a caepo on the 2 fr

i want to know if thats the way they play it on the album??



is it good that i have friends that i casiter family and consiter me family like wise?


I kinda want it to be fall now

a bean feast



do you like being tickled?


what the difference between jelly and jam????


seems to be true