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remdom question?????????

could you sremo sreem and rap at the same time?????????

ive gone mad

I feel like im losing myself in my madness and i want it to stop


what would you do if you woke up in a kiddie pool filled with feathers?

ok give me

A song in the key of Bm

A word that starts with the later j

A weird name for a person

and last but not lest a quote by big bird

thank you


whats wrong with me

and well

Im gunna sing The Doom Song now!
Doom doom doom doom doom,
doom doom do DOOM,
DOOOM doom do-doom,
DOOM do-doom doom doooom,
doom doom dooom, do-do-DOOOM!
Doom doom doo doom doom,
doom do do DOOM,
Do do DOOM,
Doom doom doom


It seems like i cant make sound when my parents are home

now some questions

1 how do i record a video with a web cam without softwhere?

2 why do we eat noisey food at the movies?

guitar help

ok i just learn give me novecaine by green day on guitar and im playing it with a caepo on the 2 fr

i want to know if thats the way they play it on the album??



is it good that i have friends that i casiter family and consiter me family like wise?


I kinda want it to be fall now