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random fact for the day 9

today's is the U.S. uses about half of the world’s gasoline.

songs i know!.............................. what should i cover?

keep holding on- avril lavigne - guitar

let it be - the beatles - piano

whatsername- green day - guitar

give me novacane - greenday - guitar

i'm not okay - mcr - guitar

early sunsets over monroeville - mcr - guitar

i would like you to vote on the one you want me to de a interamental cover of (just comment to vote)

could not sleep last night so i wrote this

upon this restless darkness that seems to have been my love
i want to let go but its just another restless night i have.

i can't go down
it's just a lullaby from hell
i cant go down

I'm restless and i don't know what my doom will be
i did all i could to keep this love loveless lie

hear me out
help me down
i want to let go

burning like a candle that will kill my mind like the drug you never seen
running out on the lie of the the ones who kill me all!!!!!!!!!!

stop my sins
hold you smile
kill my dream (kill my lovely dream)
take me down
help me out
i want to let


i can't go down

ranndom fact of the day 8

today's is grasshoppers offspring are called nymphs

band tips

Well my band is looking a bassist and i am made ad. I was thinking of puting it up at like music stores record stores laundry mats etc. but i don't know ....... So i was wondering what are the best places to put theses ads up?

to the ones in the back of the room

i give a hug

random fact of the day 7

today's is the life span of the narwhal whale is about 30 or 40 years.


anyone have a jay turner guitar?

all i can say is

definitely the giant floating baby head.


what happend to the friends i use to know?