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fefedarkboy13's blog

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what the hell do i want to say

i dont know


everything is fine but something is still missing


just give me techno and a long pink floyd song

i was in a dark place a few weekes ago

it was realy bad and i wanted to die but now im fine =)

random fact of the day 12

Today's is on the show Blue Clues Steve went to collage on a hopscotch scholarship

i guess im not as fucked up as i thought


random fact of the day 11

today's is flamingos pee on their legs to cool themselves off.


is it bad if i want to just cry in the bathroom for no reason?

nothing's wrong with me


things i am

i am bi
i am a musician
i am an artist
i am a sodaholic
i am random
i am hyper (at times)
i am emotional
i am a weirdo