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i cant make anysound in my house when my parents are home


does ray play piano?


can you scemo scearm and rap at the same time?


1 cat or dog?

2 home alone or out with you family?

3 pizza or chinese food?

4 driver or passenger?

5 electric guitar or acoustic guitar?

6 am radio or fm radio?

7 pen or pencil?

8 country or city?

9 if you had a bunk bed would you be top or bottom?

10 coke or pepsi?

the joy of childhood

enjoy the awkwardness


ok so to the people that say they a blog is pointless and/or has nothing to do with mcr

i dont think that blogs can be pointless if they mean something to you and that the blogs on here dont have to be about mcr that can be about what ever you want them to be about...hell less then 5% of my posts on my blog are about mcr and i dont think this was meant to only be about mcr its meant to be about you life and what you think is importing to share in it

so BLOG people/killjoys/black parade marcher(witch i am)/mcr fans and enjoy it =)

have a nice day =)


i went to be a 4 am last night


whats the difference between cosplay and a normal costume?


if they made a black parade movie how would they do mother war and the some of the other carictars?

i think it will be cgi and pink floyds the wall anmasion and also black and white film

what do you think?