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i went to be a 4 am last night


whats the difference between cosplay and a normal costume?


if they made a black parade movie how would they do mother war and the some of the other carictars?

i think it will be cgi and pink floyds the wall anmasion and also black and white film

what do you think?

random fact of the day 14

today's is Lady Gaga has more facebook fans than President Obama. Currently, Lady Gaga has 17.5 million fans and President Obama has 13.4 million.


i feel ghost now and again.......... anyone have the same thing going on?

guitar help

can any one tell me how to play the intro and brige to helana? (just tell me the chord names)


im better but i still have doubts about myself

random fact of the day 13

today's is Michael jackson was very fond of Mexican food

need some advice

so i meat this girl in middle school (sorry to know the equivalent in the uk or any other country) and we became friends and i like her but we did really hang out outside of school then she changed schools in high school but we hung out last summer and we are friends on facebook and stuff like that................ so how do i tell her i like her be for she goes of to collages and may never see her again?