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fefedarkboy13's blog

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is it bad that i feel like i did something wrong but i know i didn't do anything wrong?

idea for story

ok so my idea for my story is a zombie out brake that about all i haveat the moment

confused and unsure

i have a lot of shit on my mind right now and i dont know how to think about it


i really dont know if i want my best fried anymore cuse he gives me crap about everything that matters to me like my religious beleves and the fact that im goth/emo and bi and he gose overbord on little things that dont matter. hes also the dummer in my band

i think i may defriend him on fb but i dont know

what should i do?


in my heart i feel im bi but im not sure if i really am

how do i knoow if im bi for sure?


i can play Bulletproof Heart on guitar and i also recorded a video cover of Give Me Novacaine just need to put it up on here (put it up on my fb)

hi im a space cadet
update on video covers

the fist one im going to do is early sunsets (acoustic) then i will do give me novacaine (electric) and hopefuly i will but them up soon

guitar help

ok im playing demonlasion lovers and i can play all of it exopet for the brige (or the part that gose all we are) i need to know how to play that part. if some has tab for me plz give them to me


need idea

i want to write a storry and would like an idea on what it should be about (not haveing anything to do with mcr)

thank you