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Morning coffee thoughts 294

Morning everyone

Well I'm 21 now and I went to the jazz club type thing to celebrate and have my first beer. Don't worry I only had one so I'm not that hangover. Yeah I had a good Birthday celebration. Anyways I feel like my routine goes back forth between a rut and a routine. I guess it's be cause I do the same things almost everyday that I kinda get sick of it but luckily I've so busy this month it hasn't felt like a rut.

morning coffee thoughts 293

Morning everyone

Well I have a fun weekend I went down to Massachusetts to go see Bon Jovi and other then the ride down there and the ride back that was my weekend. Anyways I'm feeling like I need to take a break from blogging and my morning routine once and a while, yeah it may though me off and take me a little bit to get going the next day but it's worth seeing and having a nice peaceful morning. In album news I'm still working on vocals cause there kinda challenging and I think I need a few more try's at it. also I still need to do my guitar solo.

Brunch thoughts 105

Hey guys

So as you know I'm going to say overnight at a hotel this weekend and I'm not bring my laptop so there will not be a cup of Sunday this Sunday. And with that said I will tweet as much as I can giving if I have Wi-Fi(only have an IPod touch not an IPhone). Also I'm not going to blog this Tuesday cause it's my birthday and I most likely with be going out to breakfast that morning but I will be tweeting.

morning coffee thoughts 292

Morning everyone

I'm existed for this weekend, My plans are for the most part going on a some what long road trip to see a concert. My friend and I are going to stay in a hotel for the night cause none of us feel like driving the 2-4 hours back late at night. Anyways I really do feel like I lost readers when I didn't consistently post blogs twoish weeks ago. I hope I didn't but it feels like I did. Yes I know it's mid to late summer in most of the work so everyone is on vacations which may have something to do with it.

morning coffee thought 291

Morning everyone

Well I had two lovely days off from work but sadly I do have to go back to work today. Anyways I feeling like I need a new hobby it's most likely because I didn't really do that much yesterday. yeah I did stuff but that was mostly cleaning the house. In album news I'm feeling like I should be writing more music but I kinda want the rest of the songs to have a jam vibe to them. It's kinda hard to do when you pre write songs.

Brunch thoughts 104

Hey guys

As you guys know I'm a fairly optioned guy and I would post more blogs with my options and thoughts on what's going on in the world but I kinda like to get off my goddamn computer and do stuff with my days whatever it may be. Anyways part of my business on my days off is just doing other stuff around my house(or should I say my parents house?) and yeah I may just be sitting around watching TV and sometimes I do get out of my house but it depends on what In need and want to do. In other news I'm existed for my plans this weekend and also on Tuesday night.

morning coffee thoughts 290

Morning everyone

I really do think that I have a good life and that I can take of myself relatively well. With that said the only fact that I don't like about my life is how busy I've been the past few mouths I just need a week away from life to clear my mind and whatnot. Anyways I really don't have days where I just lay in bed and not deal with the world. Now I do have days at work when I can't really time anything right and I'm somewhat behind but everyone has those days.

Brunch thoughts 103

Hey guys

When I do play guitar which I don't do that often cause I'm fairly busy I can play the same thing for a good hour or so which is a good thing. Anyways I have a lot of good things going on in my life but at times I just want to take a week or so off just so I don't have to worry about what I have to do the next day. In other news finding that I can just live life how ever it needs to be. Lastly I really am enjoy this summer so far. That's all I have on my mind

Thanks for reading and have a lovely summer day
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Morning coffee thoughts 289

Morning everyone

Well I'm glad I have today and tomorrow off to rest after working three days in a row. I didn't really mind working the weekend they needed some and asked me, so being the nice guy that I am I said yes. Anyways I have plans the weekend before my birthday they involve me staying at a hotel Saturday night/Sunday morning and I'm not going to bring my laptop so no cup of Sunday this weekend. I've also decided that I'm taking my birthday off from blogging cause I don't know 100% what the plans are for that day.

morning coffee thoughts 288

Morning everyone

Well my sleeping pattern is pretty much back to normal. I guess it got messed up by a having the 4th off. Anyways so far I'm feeling like this summer has been one of the best summers I've had in a long time. it's been kinda simple and there have been day I didn't do anything but so far it's been good. In album news I have a feeling that my next musical project will be the one that will famous and that it will be the first one to be released by a record company.