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creepy stuff

so i ve been watching the blane truth white ditto ghost thing lately and kinda beem upsest with laveder town.

but i was watch one of his vids about it and i pused it and got up to do something abd camed back and saw that a game boy avance was one the arm of the cheir that i was siting at and it had a pokemon related game in it

it kinda creeped me out

you know what


someone fill my empty pages
i want to be asked questions

just message me a question or 2


anyone have a creepy experience with ghosts they would like to share?

song lyrics (tell me the meaning if you can)

Run down again.
I can't pretend.
Who was the man.
I need a friend.

(chorus) I don't care about who you say. Give me something that way.

The mad begins.
Who hates a can.
someone stop a friend.
kill the pretend!


Can't see the man.
Friend went goodbye.
Do they even try.
II kill the can!


I can't pretend.
kill the pretend.



whats the difference between oatmeal and porridge?


is it bad that i feel like i did something wrong but i know i didn't do anything wrong?

idea for story

ok so my idea for my story is a zombie out brake that about all i haveat the moment

confused and unsure

i have a lot of shit on my mind right now and i dont know how to think about it