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i question myself to much

Button your lip. Don't let the shield slip

well i still havent told my parents that im bi but i will will at the start of next year and im not rallly woridy about telling the cuz there farlly easy going but any tip on telling ppl that you bi

creepy stuff

so i ve been watching the blane truth white ditto ghost thing lately and kinda beem upsest with laveder town.

but i was watch one of his vids about it and i pused it and got up to do something abd camed back and saw that a game boy avance was one the arm of the cheir that i was siting at and it had a pokemon related game in it

it kinda creeped me out

you know what


someone fill my empty pages
i want to be asked questions

just message me a question or 2


anyone have a creepy experience with ghosts they would like to share?

song lyrics (tell me the meaning if you can)

Run down again.
I can't pretend.
Who was the man.
I need a friend.

(chorus) I don't care about who you say. Give me something that way.

The mad begins.
Who hates a can.
someone stop a friend.
kill the pretend!


Can't see the man.
Friend went goodbye.
Do they even try.
II kill the can!


I can't pretend.
kill the pretend.



whats the difference between oatmeal and porridge?


is it bad that i feel like i did something wrong but i know i didn't do anything wrong?