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random fact of the day 21

today's is tug of War was an Olympic event between 1900 and 1920.


is it bad to go to bed pissed off?

random facts of the day 20

today's is none of the Beatles knew how to read music. (Paul McCartney eventually taught himself.)


kinda just .....

is there something wrong with me?

is it bad that i feel like some thng is wrong with me even thougt my step mother says theres nothing wrong?


it smells like its going to snow here


at this moments i dont not what to think about my life

my mood

my mood lately has been kinda weird im happy but something seems missing or off about life lately and i think its cuz ive been going to be pissed off


is it bad that i hang out with mostly 14 year old girls? (and if you must know im a 19 year old boy)

i dont know

normaly i skype with my best friend every night but it doesnt feel right any more