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at this moments i dont not what to think about my life

my mood

my mood lately has been kinda weird im happy but something seems missing or off about life lately and i think its cuz ive been going to be pissed off


is it bad that i hang out with mostly 14 year old girls? (and if you must know im a 19 year old boy)

i dont know

normaly i skype with my best friend every night but it doesnt feel right any more


well i guess i need two mothers in my life my real mom and my step mom (who really is my neighbor)

random fact of the day 19

today's is the entire Orange Islands story from the anime was just one big filler just so Nintendo had enough time to finish Gold and Silver Versions

pokemon gold =(

i lost my orgeanl pokemon gold in witch i had lvl 100 typhlosion witch was named killer and i went to play it today and the save was not there =(. but luckly killer lives on in heart gold in witch he is lvl 89

it is a sad day


for those for you old enough to remember the the first games (red blue yellow) then you probably remember the happy little town called lavender town and will also remember the pokemon tower (i cant really remember what it was called in the game it is for the most part a indoor grave yard). now in the next games (gold silver and chrystal) that same tower is now a radio tower

do you think that is a little disrespectful that they did that?

well then

i just saw how the grinch stole xmas (the cartoon) and its only november i think its kinda early for it but the right time for the nightmaire before xmas

random fact for the day 18

today's is the Germans tried to copy Coca-Cola and came up with the drink Fanta