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fefedarkboy13's blog

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YAY I HAVE A DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

his name is cody pics will come soon

random fact of the day 22

today's is there are 92 known cases of nuclear bombs lost at sea


my depression is at a point where i need help but i scared to tell my loved one about it


is there some place better then here cuz at this point im not sure . it just fells like im traped in yhis way of life and i can't get any better

pretty damn good day

i hung out with my step family and then went to the movies with them


whats the difference between the about me and the bio on here?


glad the site is working again

alright fine ill shut the fucking ever loving hell up

i wount post any more cuz no one gives a flying fuck about what i say


does anyone even coment on blogs anymore? cuz it doesnt seem like itto me

album reviews

so here is how my album reviews will work im going to go thought my cd collection of 16 cds (dont judge) and each week to a different album and once i run on of cds that i own i will take requests for you guys

i plan to start them next week