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need advice/ somewhat of an updat

ok so a few mounts back worte a blog asking for avice about a girl i like and how to tell her i like her .

so now i think im over her but im not sure and if it is so that im over her is it still a good idea to her how i feel?

hair dye?

im think of dying my hair

what kinda of colors work with blond hair?


is it bad that i go to bed feeling like a dog in one of those scenes after a sad song about missing there owner and it starts to rain and they lie down and go to sleep?


i think im going to be okay


slowly working getting the help i need for my feelings

do i need this ?
update on album review

this week i am listening to the album that i am going to review this sunday


what albums help you to feel better/expire you?

for me it's

pink floyd's the wall

pink floyd's the fianl cut

mcr's the black parade

and many other albums

umm =(

i feel like my feelings are slowly going back to the way are were this summer