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it's Christmas

Ask me a question

message me a question about almost anything

better days =)

im having better days lately

Laughing too loud at the rest of the world

dont know how to feel


dont get me wrong i love my family but if i had my way i would movie in with my step family (next door neighbors)

is it bad if i would want to do that?

question for guitar/bass players

what kind of guitar(s) do you have (and if more then one how maney)

i have 2 guitar

i have a electric jay turser jt 300 (full size)

i have a 3/4 scale squier acoustic

want to know what i find weird

we know that ray is the lead guitar and frank is rhythm guitar but when the play like it looks like frank looks like hes playing lead best eg of this is the unplugged show

any one now why/or can explain it?

happy day?

is it?

need advice/ somewhat of an updat

ok so a few mounts back worte a blog asking for avice about a girl i like and how to tell her i like her .

so now i think im over her but im not sure and if it is so that im over her is it still a good idea to her how i feel?

hair dye?

im think of dying my hair

what kinda of colors work with blond hair?