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I'm back home

So I'm back home in New England, I had a wonderful time in Colorado. In other news my phone is kinda dead and can only use wifi



I don't know if it's cause I'm homesick but my mood has been a little up and down but I'm okay

Well then

My sister officially has her Ph.D.

So I'm on an adventure

Hey guys

I'm in Colorado right now for a family thing and we're staying in a really cool old house

Hope everyone is have a good day
Ryan "Ry ry"

Listen up younglens

Always remember that there's always someone worse off then you in this fucked up world

I get it leave people alone
Fuck it lets build a wall with everyone who cares about me
What's the point

Don't give a fuck anyone

I think I'm going to leave this account soon

It's time for me to grow up