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mcr special guests

k so got mcr tickets for christmas ... i no best present eva ,by the way im seeing them in feb at the M.E.N (uk) it says mcr plus special guests so i was wondering if anyone has any idea who it is going it is going to b. i have heard it could be muse or green day but i really want to no thanks............................
o also how much are the jackets and t shirts selling for at the concerts thanks ... x

mcr special guests

heyy killjoys
so i am seeing mcr at the M.E.N arnea (uk) and on the tickets is sais with special guests , so just wondering if anyone has anydetails about who it might be
by the way i got the tickets for christma , it was the best present eva

mcr special guest

hey kiljoys ,
so i got mcr tickets for christmas ... i no amazing , and it says they are with a special guests so if anyone has any details please let me no
i am seeing them in the uk at the M.E.N arena by the way , so guess i will c some of u there ... bye


hey killjoys just wondering if there is any newws about mcr touring in the uk again , as i missed it last time (cry cry ,o_o,). so if nayone got any news let me know ......... o and where can i get a jacket with a skeleton on as i need one for my killjoy costume

chemical skull signing out

gerards pajamas

he people just wana say love gerads pjs and just wondering if anyone no's what make they r or where i can get some from coz i just love them . i was thinking they might be skelanimals but im not sure .