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My account on here has been severely neglected...

... I mean really. Last time I actually spent time on here, it was in December. This past December.

I come to check it again on... Saturday or Sunday, I forgot... and I see the new post done by the guys. They're OVER!?
I seriously couldn't believe it, but as Kyle Pavone of We Came As Romans said, "All great bands come to an end." I don't remember the exact words, but that was the main idea of what he said. So I had to come to an understanding.


This is the first time I log in since about a year ago.... Hi.


I found it


Okay, you know what?
I just noticed that whenever I post up a blog, it doesn't show on my profile :(
Is that normal?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!
Now I don't know if April was really the last time I posted a blog... I take the word April back.


First blog since April..... wow o.o
Well it's great to be back on here. I see a lot has happened since the last time I logged on.
A new school year started almost 2 months ago... and then 2 days ago in my 2nd period, a classmate of mine (who also likes MyChem) asks me the question: "Hey, is it true that My Chemical Romance is gonna break up?"
My Reaction - - - - - - - - - - -> O.O "I hope they don't!"
SOOOOOOOOOOOOO........... I made plans to log on and check to see if anything's posted up saying that.... and i see nothing :)
But I'm still hoping it doesn't happen.


Happy Late Birthday, Gee! :D

Unfortunately I was too busy yesterday and I wasn't able to log on, so Happy Late Birthday, Gerard! (sorry) :D

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!

Hey Killjoys! I just wanna wish a Happy New Year to MCR and the MCRmy! :D
I hope 2011 will be better than 2010 for everyone ;D.....
Wow, I guess this is my last blog of the year 'cause I don't think Imma be able to log on later xD

Til Later, Killjoys

P.S. Happy Birthday to Bob Bryar!!!! <33333
We miss you!!!! TT~TT

(I know he won't read it, but still <3)

What I got for Christmas (So far, I think)....

- A Style & Co. Watch from my cousin
- An Aeropostale Sweater from another cousin of mine
- $20 from my aunt
My younger sister got the same, except the watch was a different style and the sweater was a different color (and smaller) XD.
It wasn't really what I wished for, but I love the presents I got anyway <3

Other than that, I had an awesome Christmas with my family. My cousins came over to eat the tamales my mom made (my parents are from Guatemala <3) and we spent some time together. It was awesome, although there were a lot of little kids running around like crazy XD.

So what did you

Merry Christmas Everyone!!! :D

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! May all your dreams and wishes come true! :D

"The Future Is Bulletproof, The Aftermath Is Secondary" <3

Til Later, Killjoys. :D

It's raining

over here in L.A. and I think it's awesome............ After months of intense heat (or at least to me it felt that way), it FINALLY rains over here........... It's been raining since Friday, I think........ I'm guessing it's gonna keep going like this 'til I don't know when.......... I just hope nothing bad, like floods or stuff like that happens........ So how's the weather over there with you guys?