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FauveluvsMCR's blog

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It is a video version of the monthly reviews I did but is also a (very be-lated I know, damn college) goodbye to a band who meant and did a lot for me...

Catching Halos Music Review is the blog I run, I do written review as well as Youtube Videos.
(the image is a tattoo design I'm debating about having that my close friend drew)

Review of Surrender The Night/Burn Bright

Link to my review of the latest single:

I've reviewed the whole of Conventional Weapons monthly, so don't forget to check those out too.
They should be on the menu at the side.

I'm a budding music journalist and so run this blog, it's filled with new and old music reviews, mainly albums but also the odd gig too. I have also been printed in my local fanzine...... my dream is to write for the NME.......