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I hate asthma! I really,really, really, really, really HATE IT!



HAHA, was checking out my sisters magazine when I saw a oic if GerardWay. He was on the "HottiePage" They writed: "The love to the music can you hear in My Chemical Romance. But for everday creates Gerard Way romance by spending time with Lyn-Z and Bandit. Unfortunately, we would of course prefer that he gave all the love for us, only"

Haha I think that was funny, I bet they not even listen to MCR :P



Sitting here and force my sisters boyfriend to learn to play, I'm not okay, I don't love you, Disenchanted, NaNaNa And house o wolves. Lets see how that works :D


Today is exactly three months since I was and saw My Chem. Still in a trance.

Art Is The Fuckin Weapon


When I was in third place or fourth grade I discovered MCR. Their music has not really saved me but I have learned a thing or two by listening to them. I've always been independent and strong but it has always been some problems in my family. But when I listened to Mcr, my problems was gone, and I could relax. When I started sixth grade, in almost an entirely new class, no one knew that I was listening to them. It was in the eighth grade when we had music lesson. My teacher told us to bring a song we liked and then play it.


Okay, I don't really know if this is the right way to like write something, haha, let's see. But. Is there any Mcrfans out there who wants to like chat with me about.... Everything!
I only have one friend that i can talk to about this stuff with, like what really mcr means to me. I would like to get to know some other Killjoys:) Sorry for my english, I'm swedish;)