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Home :)
Really shitty weather here so i'm gonna see Life on the murder scene, jippie! :D


WTH? On Roskildefestivalen's website it says that MCR played the 3/7, did they?


Fuck yeah, i'm happy!

Fuckin awesome, but now I need to pack, see ya, awesome killjoys!


Today I received a letter in the mail that told me to retrieve my package. The package is The Black Parade-vinyl and the life of a Murder scene: D So damn happy!
And then tomorrow i'll be on bus to my sister :D


Then just don't let go

Why you should always make a fuss? No one, and I mean no one feel good doing it!
Instead of making other feel down and sad, get some help for god sake!


I think I'd love to die alone

Nah, not really, acctully.


Ba Ba Ba!

Now I'm gonna fix a website for my pictures, wish me luck :D


Hello killjoys! Thought that I could show you one of my favorite place in the world. Here I can think, be sad, be happy, be mad and just be me. The sound of the water makes me so calm.

Whats your favoriteplace? :)


Today it's "The White Day" Light a candle or wear white clothing for vulnerable children. A good initiative.

Anyway i like to take photographs :) These ones I've take. Do you like them? I so want to be a photographer but I don't have a good blog ... Perhaps you know someone good?
I also consider making a "video" with my photos and an MCR song. But I do not know what applies to rights and all that.

Anyway party on killjoys!


Confused,,, it's happing alot of things right now. But, but. Going to two of my friends confirmed tomorrow, but I don't know what i gonna get them, suggetions? ;)

Also goning to my little nephews birthdayparty:)

But now I've looked and it's not going any busses from town tomorrow... I have a little problem.. haha...