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Hi! I would like to have like a penpal. Really, really write to each other. Bout life, bout problems, bout everything!
well leave a messege :)

Happy My Chemical Romance Day!

Where do I start? I started listening to MCR in 2006 and fell in love. Their brutal honesty caught me. I've always liked music, but this, this was so different. When I listen to them, I feel so damn strong, nobody can push me down! Thanks MCR and continue making awesome music!


Would check the news and there is an extra shipment about a bombattack in Norway. I was completely broken.You think that this only happens happening in the "other" countries. As I understood it are many children dead. My thoughts are with the families who have lost someone.



Hi folks!

Soo, if any of you guys has nothing to do (like me) well, messege me!


Hey, I need some movie tips:)

1. a good horrormovie
2. a funny movie
3. a sad movie
4. a movie, based on a true story



Yeah! Sweden just won the bronze medal in soccer in the worldcup. :D


Just made this, What do you think about it? :)


Hi! Somebody here that like The Ark? Think they're awesome :D


Okay, I know this is trite, but I just have to write this. For me, "emo" is a word that don't exist. Sure, being "emotional" is to be sensitive. And hell yeah, MCR is sensitive and deep. But at this picture of an "emo" makes me terribly angry. You MUST listen to MCR. You MUST wear black clothes. You MUST always be sad. And you HAVE to cut yourself. I'm not one to bother me so much about what others say so when people call MCR "emo", I say: Well, they're very emotional. And they fuckin rule!
I think everyone should be who they are and quite frankly I think everyone is a bit "emo". But it is