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FallenLove596's blog

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Good day =D

Today I felt really happy.
I forgot about what was going on in my life and just had fun.
I was just being the weirdo i am at the store cx
Hope for more times like this.

Being Alone

All I want to do is sleep forever and lock my self in my room.
But I cant...with my friends knowing whats going on but doesnt take it seriously.
I have never felt this depressed like honestly,I have been alone and hated since 1st grade-6th grade with all the bullying but...its worst then ever.
Maybe with whats going on now and with what I remember happening in my past,its come to haunt me.
I dont know for sure but hopfully this will end.

Lost and hopeless

Another day gone by and its not getting better...
I wish all the bad things would go away but it dosent seem like it..
I fake a smile everyday just so no one sees how I really feel and how im dying inside.
No one even seems to think anything is wrong with me because of how "happy" i seem..
but when really I need someone to talk to.
For now I just stay in my imaginary world....


im so bord :'C

The New One

Hey evryone c: im new here and looking for friends cx im nice and love everyone.Anyone what to chat? c: