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so an update

so hope all my single pringles had a good day watching all the loved up people today, ick >< who needs it, i have my mcr posters hehe :3 well Whitney's dead incase you didnt hear lol and i've been doing okay, hope you are all well

pedicone and mindfuck

Well, to me Pedicone was an official member of MCR, infact a few days ago i tweeted him to say how amazing he performed at Leeds and how to me he was mcr's permanent drummer! i'm in disbelief..
But in brighter news, its a year since the mindfuck and i think they should change transmissions for us now!
and Gee says he feels a song comin' on!
anyways off to bed
A - xoxo

10 years!

ten years since Bullets, 10 whole years, unbelieveable <3 hopefully they'll have another 10 years so when my niece is my age she can say 20 years and say she's liked them for 10 (hopefully she still will), its been a bumpy ride and we've seen these amazing men go through some good and some bad times, and we lost a hero somewhere in the turmoil (miss you Bob) to some DD may be about a mask but to me they are heroes, thank you for saving me and keeping me here, i love you so muich, when i hear mcr i feel like my heart might explode the same way as the very first time i heard them, you have

what do YOU imagine 2019 to look like, danger days style? xo

my perception is more messed up than most with a Marvel edge to it but i was wondering when you think to california 2019 what do you think of?

mcr album!

omg, i'm getting way too anxious for the new mcr album! we need a release date!!

sooo its mah birthdai! also support Constance!

well its my birthday, my dad forgot all about it AGAIN TT^TT i've looked after his dogs ALL week coz he couldnt be bothered coming back from London with his latest bird on the day he was supposed to, i didnt even get as much as a thanks from him =*( he couldnt even remember how old i am! my mum reminded him its my birthday tday but i'll be shocked if he's sober enough to remember later, so happy Bday me, i guess...
also support Constance, please!

goodbye Bob Bryar

Good bye and Good luck Bob Bryar! all us MCR fans will miss you being in the band! you are an amazing drummer and we wish you all the best in your future
- alex - xoxo