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Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

"I swear, one of these days- or nights for that matter- you're gonna get us both killed!" Hunter yells at me over the wind. I laugh.
"Don't you remember Hunter? We're already dead!" I laugh and pick up my pace a little. We're running at top speeds with about 6 others on our heels. 6 other vampires, that is. I had wanted to go a different way to get dinner tonight and, well, we'd never seen anyone or anything in the opposite direction we usually go, but it turns out we were wrong to assume it was far game.
"All we have to do is get into the yard, then they'll have to stop." Hunter says, I

Behind the Scenes: part 5

___Kobra Kid___
Dr. Death had showed up about 10 minutes ago. To be honest, he doesn't look too good. When he got here, he hesitated to go inside and kept getting up and pacing between the door and the booth we where at. I decided that 10minutes of sitting in silence and watching him pace was enough. "Okay, what is the matter Dr. Death?"
"Nothing, Kobra. It's nothing," he replies, picking up speed a little.
"Bullshit, Death," Ghoul says, stepping in his way. He herds him back to the booth and makes him sit down.
"What happened in The City, Dr. Death?

Behind the Scenes: part 4

____Desert Violence_____
"1! 2! 3! 4! 5! 6! 7! 8! 9! 10!" the crowd chants as a Crashqueen pins and holds a "draculoid". She gets up triumphantly as the "drac" pulls himself up by the rails that were set up for the wrestling match. He pulls off the vampire mask to revel a man not much older than myself with a fat lip, a black eye, and a huge ass smile. The Drac Shac is one of my favorite clubs in Ghosttown because of the masks that one of the wear. As some of the club's workers take down the railing, an announcer comes up on the stage and announces the next fight.

Behind the Scenes: part 3

___Party Poison__
“NO KOBRA! DON'T STAND ON THAT TABLE IT'S- broken." I finished halfheartedly as I watch Kobra Kid fall as the table he was just standing on collapses under him.
“Thanks for the warning, bro," he says as he gets up and dusts himself off.
“What were you doing up there anyway?"
"Bulb's out," he says matter-of-factly, holding up a light bulb.
“Are most of them out?" Fun Ghoul asks, walking in with a box full cans.
"Yeah, but this one we need."
"Hey," Jet-Star pokes his head in through the kitchen door." Dr. Death' s on the line. He wants to know if he can crash here for a few."

Behind the Scenes: part 2

___Dr. Death-defying__
Here comes the hard part: getting into the city of behind the main building unnoticed. As I turned off Route Guano into the city, Adrenaline's head snaps up and she looks out her window. She's always had scary good hearing, vision, and sense of smell, so something's up.
“Dr. D, don’t go to the back, go to the front and drop me off. Then get the hell out of here."
“No butts," she interrupts." There waiting for us, there waiting for you. If you go to the back or stay, there might not be much I can do."
“Okay, what I don't like it.

Behind the Scenes: part 1

otay! i deleted all my blogs nd now im putting up all of my fanfics again!!
___Adrenaline Extermination___
“Come on, babe. Hit me again." The one earned me a punch in the gut and for the second time this week, I coughed up blood. The funny thing is, it never learned that no matter how bloody and bruised I am, I always with the fight. Two more shots left, bub. POW! One left. THUD! My turn. I dodge his next punch and managed to land a nice one of my own at the base of the skull as he stumbles past.