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FUCK EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DDDD:<<

thts how i feel rite now. i just walked my dog nd he was a total dickhead nd barked at every dog and today was the day everyone decided to walk thr dogs nd thr wer thez guy just lying in the grass at the skool by my house nd he just had to fucking bark at them nd then wen i got home nd asked my dad if my friend could come over or if i could go over thr he sed no because its too late. ITS FUCKING 6:03 AND THR R ABOUT 2 HOURS TILL IT STARTS TO GET DARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTAF??? WHO GIVES A SHIT ABOUT SKOOL ND THT??????????????????? y the fuck is everyone pissing me off rite now???????


[] Physically, you are very flexible.
[] You like to have power or take control in most situations.
[] You are a smooth talker.
[x] You lie a lot.
[x] You can stretch your mouth very wide.
[] You intimidate most people.
[] Most people don't like you.
[] Your favorite color is green.
[] You don't have very many friends.
[] You have more enemies than friends.
[x] You are cunning.
[] You like to be alone
Total= 3

[x] You like to feel as free as possible.
[] Most people really like you.
[x] You are talkative.
[] You feed the ducks when you go to the park.
[x] You have been on an

Bewitched: Part 6

Frank sits on the table in the middle of the school court yard, watching the rest of the school mull around before school starts. He looks at his watch. 6:24. 'Fuck why can't school start later?' he thinks. The early morning air isn't improving his already poor mood. He already got a text from Mikey saying he and Gerard had a dentist check up this morning and will miss first and second period, Ray called saying he was sick and not coming, and they had completely forgotten to talk to Jaysin yesterday which was the reason that they were suppose to show up at school 2 hours early today.

Bewitched: Part 5

The drive to Jayy's house is the most fun Dahvie or Zoe have had in a long time. The whole ride (which is only about 10 minutes because they seem to hit every red light possible) there blasting music and singing along and making faces and laughing at people that pass by. The last time Zoe drove in a car alone with her brother it was to the hospital. No music. No laughing. Just strained silence and the sound of the engine pushing the car forward. They both preferred this ride. When they got to Jayy's house, he and Hannah were sitting on the porch swing.

go nuts :3

here u go! go nuts on ur day Gerard!!
A.E. lovez ya, babe X_X

:3 ^vv^

yay!!!!!!!! iv got dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets, milk, Moon Phase, nd im HHHHHAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY AS A KILLJOY WITH SPRAY PAINT IN THE MAIN BLI BUILDING!!!!!!!!!!
A.E. lovez ya, babe!! X_X


i got this today!!!!!!!! also coffee nd a pin nd i painted my nailz X3
A.E. lovez ya, babe X_X

hate if u want but idgaf

i <<333 this song! if u haz a problem with tht o well its lik the only Jonas Brothers song i like nd it was the first one i heard
A.E. lovez ya, babe X_X

slow writing + too much skool work +not enough time =

hey thr killjoys! well as u may or may not kno (or as u may just not giv a shit) iv been writing 3 different fanfics nd i havnt posted any new parts of them in awile :\ this is the = to the title i plan to nor post them untill i hav a few mor parts of each ritten (xcept for Bewitched if u read tht(or any of them for tht matter)) so ya............. also im really thinking bout staring a new one if ur interested in reading somthing new in a little wile! :3 so ill tell u guyz when thr up again!
A.E. lovez ya, babe X_X

lets do this thing!

iv got half a bottle of Martinelli's sparkiling cider, Pirets of the Carabian (black purel), nd im on duty (i keep an eye out for my parents return) i also hav to do an hour an a half of studdying nd its 7:57. lets do this thing!!!
A.E. lovez ya, babe X_X