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f0reverAMCRfan's blog

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Splitting Up?!

I guess we can't help it even though it sucks. As good fans, we'll always be Killjoys!


Gais, Gerard's back to black,I like it..But Frank...not so much..Opinions?

Happy anniversary Gerard & Lyn-z

You guys are so cute,Happy anniversary

Follow me?

I'll follow if
-Your blog has My Chem,All Time Low or Paramore
-It's funny
-You have a nice setup

Just another day . . .

So I woke at 9:30 went on tumblr and on here. And now i'm listening to some MCR B)
Lifes good anyway what's up killjoys?

Everyday Things

hey im jackie i have good grammar when needed
and i like Pokemon alot
I like music. and I'm MEXICAN. Problem?